About us

The Largest Business Expert !

Simlau Biztech Academy recognizes that, in order to maintain their current success and enviable niche in the market, It is vitally important to aim for service excellence and customer satisfaction. Having accepted this important philosophy, the unique ” Simlau Biztech Academy Service Excellence Guarantee” has been designed to provide maximum peace of mind for clients.

Simlau Biztech Academy Reputation

Simlau Biztech Academy’s reputation as the industry’s upcoming leader could only be achieved through the practice of conducting all service and support in a firm manner. Simlau Biztech Academy Focuses on the needs of their clients/students whilst ensuring that all service and support provided are in compliance with relevant legislation and best practice.

Organization Description

”Give your staff and your organization the competitive edge!!!” ‘Simlau Biztech Academy is 100% black owned training institution that provides high quality , hands-on training in the fields of Project Management and Information Technology to public and private organisations as well as to individuals across all market segments and industries. Our purpose is to help you deliver greater value to your  organization by leveraging your project Management and IT skills, to gain a competitive advantage, Skills, Attitude and Experience to improve Business Performance through Project Performance and Information Technology Support.