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Payment must be made directly into our bank account. Account Holder: Simlau Biztech; Bank Name: Standard Bank, Branch
Name: Fourways Crossing, Acc. No.: 023340479, Branch Code: 9953.
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To confirm your booking, please complete this enrolment form and e-mail or fax it together with your proof of payment to or fax to 086 615 1852

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1. The full fee is payable one week before the course commencement date, unless a suitable payment arrangement is made
with the institution.
2. Cancellations/postponements less than two weeks prior to commencement date cannot be made, however substitutions may
be made at any stage
3. SBA reserves the right to cancel courses up to 5 working days in advance of commencement
4. Start dates may change, so please enquire before sending through this form.
5. The price quoted here excludes the International Exam Fees, as the exam fee will be paid directly to the exam vendor
such as PMI by yourself upon registration for the exam towards the end of your course at SBA.
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